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Tips from the Tech | Not All Dimmers are Created Equal

tips fromt he teck

Legacy dimmer systems were designed and used to control power to a lighting system, and while the industry has slowly migrated to more energy efficient LED lighting, retrofitting these existing systems has occasionally not reacted as planned. 

The differences in lamp loads, variations in dimmer designs, existing wiring, and system age has created unforeseen issues that cannot easily be corrected. 

Unfortunately all dimmers (systems) are not the same and customers need to be aware that their existing systems were designed for a conventional incandescent lamps and LED lamps are similar but very different in some aspects.

The Line Voltage Dimming Controller (LVDC) for the Axceleron has been tested and performs well on typical dimmer systems from manufacturers such as ETC, Strand, and Lutron; however each facility is different and the other unknowns have required further investigation prior to implementation.  Each facility should be evaluated thoroughly before the LVDC option is specified or chosen to minimize potential problems ahead of time. When considering LVDC for a project, we strongly encourage you to contact us to discuss the facility and their current dimming system before placing an order.  As every venue is unique, we want to make sure that our LVDC is as compatible as possible before it is installed.

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