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Syracuse Produced LEDs Are Lighting Choice Across the Country

Over 120 performance venues illuminated by Aquarii, Inc. designed and manufactured product


Syracuse, NY Nov. 1, 2016 - What do a Philadelphia music venue, a Kentucky mega-church, a Texas university, and a Beverly Hills theatre have in common?

Each of these public performance venues is beautifully and economically illuminated with custom, programmable LED lights, manufactured in Syracuse by specialty LED light company, Aquarii, Inc. (aquariitech.com). Founded in 2013 and based in Camillus, NY, Aquarii designs, assembles and sells custom LED lighting fixtures for churches, auditoriums, theatres, museums, and other public gathering spaces throughout the US.

“We are carving a niche in the high quality, programmable LED lighting field,” said Aquarii President Ray Carrock. “Architects and lighting designers choose Aquarii’s signature light - the Axceleron - for its perfectly balanced light performance and silent output. With 120 plus installations to date, and many more expected in 2017, Axceleron is setting a new standard in the lighting industry.”

Carrock leads the Aquarii staff, including founding engineers Jason Kantak, P.E. and Tom Trytek, P.E. All are natives of Central New York, with decades of experience in other CNY firms that eventually led them to Aquarii. Previous to Aquarii, Trytek was the project engineer associated with the design, manufacturing and installation of the Beacon housed atop of the new One World Trade Center.

Aquarii’s Axceleron has been chosen for lighting upgrades at artistic and cultural venues, such as the Smart Financial Centre in Sugarland, TX, the region's first state-of-the-art, indoor performance venue, and the iconic concert venue The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA. It can also be found in academic institutions like Boston College’s Robsham Theatre and at the Texas Christian University Schollmaier Arena in Fort Worth, TX, where 88 Axceleron’s were installed as part of the university’s $72 million renovation of the sports facility in 2015.

An LED light of choice in church construction and renovations nationwide, the Axceleron has been installed in modern church buildings, including Second Baptist Church in Katy, TX, and Crossroads Church in Florence, KY, and at more traditional structures such as the Church of St. Charles Borromeo, a classic domed cathedral near Minneapolis, MN.

The most well known Aquarii installation to date is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences- Samuel Goldwyn Theater, in Beverly Hills, CA. Thirty Axceleron LED fixtures compliment the world-class theater, custom-designed to present films at maximum technical accuracy for sound, sight and comfort. Most notably, it is known as the theater where the Oscar nominations are broadcast each year.


“As engineers, we assist with installations where specialized lighting require unique applications. We saw a need for a better LED light in performance venues,” said Kantak, when asked about the original idea for Axceleron. “The Axceleron was created to enhance lighting in theatrical environments, spaces where musicians, speakers, and other artistic presentations occur. Our clients see excellent results with Axceleron in all types of public meeting spaces, including theaters, auditoriums, churches and convention halls.”

Kantak and Trytek spent 3 years developing and refining the Axceleron fixture, which houses a customized LED array and a high efficiency passive heat sink that eliminates the need for active cooling by a fan. Aquarii also manufactures the Myst, an exterior-rated, water-resistant fixture ideal for outdoor and industrial environments. The Zino, Aquarii’s third LED lighting product, is scheduled for release in early November 2016. The 6-inch diameter light is a smaller version of Axceleron, designed for spaces with lower height requirements such as balconies.

Under Carrock’s leadership, Aquarii is providing cost effective, energy efficient solutions for replacing antiquated lighting systems, a key driver in the competitive LED lighting industry. Fueled by government incentives, Aquarii products meet the need for retrofitting large numbers of lights in existing buildings with products such as Line Voltage Dimming (LVDC). Line Voltage Dimming controls are designed and tested to operate with various dimmer systems so existing facilities don’t have to upgrade control systems to receive the benefits of digital LEDs. Other products in development include an RGBW full spectrum option, available in 2017.

For more information about Aquarii and its LED lighting products, contact 315.672.8807 or email sales@aquariitech.com.


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